Fees for traders

CertiQ doesn't operate for profit: we work on a cost-recovery basis. Any profit or loss in one year is adjusted in following years by raising or lowering the tariffs, which are set each year by the Board of TenneT, after consulting the CertiQ Participants’ Council.

Trader fees 

The annual membership for traders is €500. The table below shows the costs per MWh for trading in certificates for 2019 (the costs are the same as for 2018):

2019 Charged to
Issuing GO € 0,019 Trader
Issuing biomass GoO's (incl. additional of € 0,024) € 0,043 Trader
Issuing GoO heat (incl. additional of
€ 0,024)
€ 0,043 Producer/Trader
Issuing GoO's for conventional sources€ 0,013 Trader
Cancellation€ 0,019 Trader
Transactions within the Netherlands€ 0,008Receiving trader
Export€ 0,008Trader
Import€ 0,019 Trader