Frequently asked questions

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A trader is an organisation that trades in Guarantees of Origin. Anyone can register at CertiQ as a trader, providing they meet the requirements. In practice, most traders are energy suppliers. When a supplier delivers green electricity to an end-user, the supplier must cancel Guarantees of Origin from its CertiQ account.

The producer. When he registers his production plant, the producer designates a trader to receive the certificates.

Traders use these certificates as proof of origin for energy supplied to end-users. This is done by cancelling certificates at CertiQ. Traders can also sell their certificates to other traders, or make electricity green by cancelling certificates, a form of carbon emission offsetting.

Traders own all of the certificates on their accounts. These certificates only exist in digital form. Using eRecognition, the trader can log in to MyCertiQ and conduct certificate transactions.

Traders who register at CertiQ receive a Trader's Participation Contract and a copy of the E-Certificate Execution Scheme. The first shows the rights and duties of traders and of CertiQ. The Implementation Agreement details some practical agreements. The trader should sign the Participation agreement and return it to CertiQ.