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  • Publication Annual Report 2018

    We’re thinking about where our energy comes from more and more. Is it sun, wind, biomass or fossil fuels? As a responsible society, we’re increasingly wanting transparency around its origins. This is why, as the transition to renewable energy speeds up, CertiQ’s role in the energy lifecycle is...

  • Publication statistical overview June 2019

    For more information, click here.

  • Press release recognition British GOs

    CertiQ recognises GOs from Great Britain • British GOs on the Dutch market for the first time • Recognition of British GOs subject to conditions • Importing and using British GOs takes time. GOs from AIB countries, however, can be imported and used directly. CertiQ recognises GOs from Great...

  • Full Disclosure

    The implementation of Full Disclosure has been postponed until the 1st of January 2020. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has informed the House of Representatives about this. After implementation of Full Disclosure all consumption of electricity, renewable as well as fossil,...

  • Fees 2019

    The fees for 2019 are published. For more information click here. 

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