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Commitment - Publication Annual Report 2017


Commitment remains of the utmost importance to CertiQ. The changes that the energy transition brings in its wake and the realisation of CertiQ’s strategic ambitions make commitment, from stakeholders and the CertiQ team, essential. The same goes for Full Disclosure – a major impending change – whereby CertiQ will also be certifying energy from fossil and nuclear sources more than in the past. Here, we will continue to provide our customers with dependable, safe and user-friendly certification and proactively look to cooperate with other partners in the industry.

2017 was another record year on several fronts:

  • In 2017 more than 15.8 TWh of sustainable electricity was certified – that’s 1.4 TWh, almost 10%, more than in 2016.
  • Wind energy plays an ever more important part, with 10.2 TWh of certified electricity. The same goes for solar energy which is also gaining prominence and doubled from 0.3 TWh to 0.6 TWh. The share of biomass dropped however, from 5.6 TWh to 4.9 TWh.
  • The number of cancellations  reached a record 49.4 TWh in 2017. That’s an increase of 2.8% compared to the previous year.

More facts and information concerning (European) developments can be found in our Annual Report, which this year has ‘Commitment’ as its main theme.

We look forward to the successful continuation of the cooperation between you and CertiQ.