CertiQ recognises GOs from Great Britain

• British GOs on the Dutch market for the first time

• Recognition of British GOs subject to conditions

• Importing and using British GOs takes time. GOs from AIB countries, however, can be imported and used directly.


CertiQ recognises GOs from Great Britain

Following a ruling by the provisional relief court of the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal in November 2018, requested by Eneco, CertiQ will recognise GOs (Guarantees of Origin) from Great Britain. These British certificates (REGOs) were not recognised by CertiQ before because Ofgem, the British equivalent of CertiQ, is not a member of the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB).

CertiQ checks British GOs against Dutch law

GOs generated in AIB-affiliated countries are accepted by CertiQ[1] because we know for certain that they comply with Dutch laws and legislation and (therefore) are sufficiently accurate, reliable and truthful. In the case of GOs generated in countries that are not affiliated with the AIB, we do not have this certainty beforehand. That is why CertiQ will check every individual batch of non-AIB GOs presented to find out if the nature and purport of the certificates in question are equal to those of the ones issued in the Netherlands, as required by law. This check takes time and effort. GOs from AIB countries, however, can be imported and used directly.

Conditions for recognition

We conducted this check for certificates from Great Britain. CertiQ will recognise these REGOs if they meet a number of conditions. Among other things, the REGOs cannot be more than 12 months old and they can only relate to electricity supplied to the grid. REGOs that are issued for the auxiliary use of a production installation cannot be accepted under Dutch laws and legislation. Furthermore, it must be unequivocally established that the REGOs in question have not already been used in Great Britain, for instance, in order to calculate the British residual mix. Also, British certificates cannot be traded any further, not abroad either.

Here you can find the exact conditions for the recognition of British certificates.

[1] With the exception of Swiss certificates