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Record consumption of green electricity in 2015 in the Netherlands


Over the past year, a record amount of green electricity was consumed in the Netherlands. In addition, we see that consumers – both private and public – wish to know where their energy comes from, and what impact their energy consumption has on our living environment.

Increase of GO cancellations 
The amount of green electricity for which certificates were cancelled in 2015 has grown with 12.5%. Never before were so many GOs cancelled in one year, i.e. 42.6 terawatthours (TWh), compared to just 38 TWh in 2014. Specifically, demand for electricity derived from wind has increased over two years' time with 66% to over 12 TWh per year (see the table below for more details). Percentage-wise, cancellations of GOs for solar power have risen significantly, as well. Meanwhile, Dutch GOs are still doing very well: GOs issued by CertiQ are seldomly exported, as nearly all of them are cancelled in the Netherlands.

Table 1: Total cancellations per energy source in GWh

Over the past two years, consumers have favoured green electricity generated in the Netherlands more and more. Even though in 2015 CertiQ issued more GOs, GO supply still is not large enough to cover the entire demand. As a result, the larger part of the GOs that are used here comes from abroad. Here we see a shift in countries where GOs are being imported from: big supplier Norway is losing ground to e.g. Sweden, Italy and France. The number of GOs exported fell by half; a logical consequence of the large demand for GOs in the Netherlands.

End consumer 
Ever more corporate consumers value full transparency in respect of the GOs that suppliers cancel on their behalf. CertiQ offers such transparency in an independent, controlled fashion by providing so-called end user accounts. Consumers can check their accounts to see which GOs were cancelled on their behalf. If, for example, they choose GOs issued for a specific wind farm, perhaps because it is located nearby, or GOs issued for production devices that were recently commissioned, then their account will reflect that. This way, consumers can be sure that the claims that they make about their energy use are valid and reliable. On 327 accounts (199 in 2014) GOs with a combined value of 10 TWh were cancelled in 2015, showing growth of 2,5 TWh when compared to 2014.

Carbon footprint 
Many corporate consumers use these cancelled GOs in their carbon footprints. This demonstrates that GOs are not just used to disclose how and when energy was produced, but also to show the impact that such energy production has on our living environment. This sheds a new light on the social value of a GO, and makes it all the more important for us to continue to work on enabling such new practices for GOs by using standardised, reliable and independent information.

About CertiQ 
CertiQ certifies energy derived from the renewable sources of solar power, hydro, wind and biomass by issuing Guarantees of Origin. Only Guarantees of Origin may be used in the Netherlands as evidence that energy was produced renewably. Certificates issued by CertiQ can be traded throughout Europe.

For more information please refer to our 2015 overview on our website.