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Statistics June published; design changed


CertiQ has published its statistics over June 2016. We have changed their design in a number of ways. Please read on to see what these changes entail:

  • From now on, we will show the figures concerning Guarantees of Origin (GOs) in gigawatthours, rounded to one decimal. This makes our statistics easier to read than before, when the figures were shown in megawatthours..
  • The import volumes on pages 1 and 2 of the report on electricity will henceforth only refer to GOs originating from other countries. This means that Dutch GOs that were imported after they were exported earlier are filtered out of the volumes.
  • The export volumes on page 2 of the report on electricity are limited to Dutch GOs – so foreign GOs that were exported after they had been imported earlier are now omitted.
  • The total import and export volumes are still available – you will find these on page 3 in the table called 'Certificate activity'.
  • The report on heat will from now on also depict the production devices that are registered for solar thermal production.