End user account

CertiQ offers the end user the opportunity to gain direct insight into the origin of energy by opening an end-user account. In this way, CertiQ is responding to a growing social need for more transparency about the source of energy used.  

A Dutch trader can cancel Guarantees of Origin or Disclosure Certificates for a specific end user. The EAN code of the end-user account as registered with CertiQ must be used. 

After the trader cancels certificates in his or her name, the end user can see them with the end-user account through myCertiQ. However, an end user must be registered with CertiQ and have an eRecognition account. 

There is no charge for an end-user account. If the end user wants to open an account, you can download the application form. This can be scanned and e-mailed to servicedesk@certiq.nl.