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Statistical overviews

CertiQ provides insight into the market for sustainable energy production

Statistical overviews

CertiQ publishes monthly statistical overviews and also shares data with Statistics Netherlands.

The statistical overviews provide information about, among other things:
• The number of certificates that CertiQ issues
• The number of certificates that are traded nationally and internationally
• The numbers of production installations registered with CertiQ

CertiQ also prepares annual overviews for the past year.


January 2022 (281 KB, pdf, 02/04/2022)

January 2022 Download Download
February 2022 (282 KB, pdf, 03/02/2022)

February 2022 Download Download
March 2022 (248 KB, pdf, 04/11/2022)

March 2022 Download Download
April 2022 (276 KB, pdf, 05/03/2022)

April 2022 Download Download


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