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Statistical overviews

CertiQ provides insight into the market for sustainable energy production

Statistical overviews

CertiQ publishes monthly statistical overviews and also shares data with Statistics Netherlands.

The statistical overviews provide information about, among other things:
• The number of certificates from various transaction types
• The numbers of registered production installations  

In case you want to see all the data known to us, use the most recent document and the document 'Data overview until transaction month 06-2021'


Data overview January 2023 (490 KB, xlsx, 02/06/2023)

Data overview January 2023 Download Download
Data overview until transaction month 06-2021 (2 MB, xlsx, 02/06/2023)

Data overview until transaction month 06-2021 Download Download
Overview statistics 2022 (176 KB, pdf, 02/06/2023)

Overview statistics 2022 Download Download


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