Frequently Asked Questions


Information for registration

Which information do you to need to register a production installation?

Below you can find the four necessities for the regsitration of the production installation

1. Credentials - iDIN

CertiQ uses iDIN to log in securely. Click on the arrow for more information.

2. Electrical capacity in MW

You can round the numbers of the rated electrical capacity up to three decimals. Click on the arrow to calculate your capacity in MW.

3. EAN-code of your mains connection and your grid operator

Click on the arrow to find out what your EAN-codes are.

Do you have multiple production installations behind your mains connections? You will need an EAN-code for every production installation. These codes can be requested by your grid operator. 

4. Name of your trader

trader is an organization that trades in certificates. CertiQ credits the certificates to the account of a trader. 

You can choose a trader yourself. Click on the arrow for the overview of traders. We advise you to contact your trader beforehand. 

Register your production installation

If you have all the four necessities at hand, you can register your production installation.
Keep in mind: the status of your registration is dependent on your grid operator. For questions about the status, you can contact the grid operator. 

If a measurement protocol is applicable for your production installation, you can send this after signing and in PDF to, after your production installation registration.