Two registrations, one combined reporting
If you wish to register both the heat and electricity of an installation, it is good to know that the Guarantees of Origin Regulation regards this installation as two installations. Two applications should therefore be made for this; one for electricity generation and one for heat. You can combine the required reports, such as a measurement protocol and measurement report.

Sample measurement reports
Below we show example measurement reports for the most common situations:
(a) Example of biogas electricity and heat
You have a biogas plant that generates both electricity and heat. The electrical capacity of the installation is less than or equal to 2 MWe and the thermal capacity of the installation is less than 3 MWth. 
Download example report

(b) Example biomass electricity and heat less than 3 MWth 
You have a system that converts biomass into heat. You have an SDE decision and the thermal capacity of the installation is less than 3 MWth.
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Cost of heat installation
There is no charge for registering your heating system. As a producer, you do pay for the Guarantees of Origin that we create for the useful heat generated by your installation.
The rate per GvO for 2017 has been set at € 0.048 (4.8 cents) per GvO, where 1 GvO equals 1 MWh. Converted to GJ, the production costs are as follows:

1 MWh = 3.6 GJ
4.8 cents per MWh or 4.8 / 3.6 = 1.33 cents per GJ

For more information and to register both electricity and heat, please refer to the relevant pages.