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  • Conscious – publication of CertiQ's annual report for 2016

Conscious – publication of CertiQ's annual report for 2016


Consumers are increasingly making conscious decisions when it comes to energy consumption. They want to know how their energy has been produced and what the impact is on their living environment. The demand for green electricity continues to rise sharply. Thanks to the Guarantee of Origin, increasingly more consumers – from households to industry – are assured that their electricity is supplied from sources that they value.

A number of facts:

  • In 2016, Guarantees of Origin were cancelled for 7.5 TWh of electricity derived from wind in the Netherlands.

  • In 2016, the total capacity of wind turbines registered with CertiQ exceeded 4,000 MW for the first time.

  • There are now almost three times as many Guarantees of Origin issued for solar than for hydro energy in the Netherlands.

You will find more facts and information on the (European) developments in our annual report, of which the theme this year is 'Conscious'.

In addition, we would like to use the opportunity to announce that as per 1 April 2017, Mrs. Lian Krijger has been appointed Senior Manager at CertiQ B.V. She succeeds Mr. Jan van der Lee, who has accepted a new position within TenneT. Lian has been working with TenneT since 2007, the past few years as Senior Manager Corporate Human Resources. After her studies in corporate and consumer sciences at Wageningen University & Research, she has worked in the fields of innovation management, technological policies, strategic marketing and human resources.
Lian is looking forward to a successful continuation of the cooperation between you and CertiQ.