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Publication Annual statistics 2016


Today, 9 January, CertiQ published its annual statistics for 2016. This report shows a number of interesting trends.

Cancellations reached a new record in 2016: in the year thas has passed 48 TWh worth of guarantees of origin for renewable electricity were cancelled. Never before has demand for renewable electricity been this big. Demand for electricity from wind power especially exploded, growing by 9 TWh, which is an increase of over seventy percent compared to 2015.

Import of guarantees of origin followed this pattern, and ended up dat 37.5 TWh in 2016, compared to 34.3 TWh in 2015. Import of guarantees of origin for electricity derived from wind power even doubled, pushing back electricity from hydro power. Standing out are the volumes of certificates being imported from Italy and Denmark.

The number of guarantees of origin issued also increased in 2016: from 13.1 TWh in 2015 to 14.4 TWh. In particular, more electricity was produced from wind. In 2016 the registered capacity in the Netherlands for wind onshore and offshore grew to more than 4 GW.