For the registration of an installation on behalf of a client, the following information is important.

Data client
When you register an installation, it is important that you fill in the (contact) data of your client (not the information regarding your own company).
The filled-in email address will be used for all correspondence about the installation, such as the confirmation email regarding the registration.

Use the Social Security Number or Chamber of Commerce number
Always use your clients (the producer) Social Security Number (BSN) or Chamber of Commerce number (KvK) at the registration and not your own, as an intermediary. When your own Social Security Number or
Chamber of Commerce number is used, you may experience problems signing up a new installation (for another producer). When the producers Social Security Number or Chamber of Commerce number is registered with us, they can log in to myCertiQ and see its data (and those of its installation)

Digital signature
As an intermediary you can only sign digitally if you are authorized by your client. If so, you need to have an account of eHerkenning. More information can be obtained from the eRegognition provider (

Non-digital signature
If you are not authorized to sign digitally, opt for 'non-digital signing'. The confirmation email, with the 'Verzoek tot Vaststelling' (request for registration), will be sent to the specified email address. The request for identification must then be manually signed by the producer and then sent to the network administrator (specific instructions are listed in the email).