Import and export

Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) are proof of sustainable delivery of renewable energy and Disclosure Certificates are proof of energy generated from fossil sources. In addition to debiting, certificates can also be imported or exported.

Whether import and export of certificates can take place depends on several factors:

The country must be affiliated with the European Union (EU) or have signed the Treaty of European Economic Area (EEA). In addition, a country must be affiliated with the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB). The participating countries can be found on the website of the AIB. 

If you want to import certificates, your trading account must be known to the issuing body of the country concerned. If it is not, contact the issuing body of the trading partner from which you will receive the GoOs or Disclosure Certificates.

If you want to export certificates, the receiving dealer must be registered with CertiQ. If this is not the case, please contact us at

Certificates must be valid. GoOs and Disclosure Certificates are valid until one year after the date of production. Please take into account the end date of the production period (the production period may vary from country to country).