Register as a trader

Signing up with CertiQ is possible under the condition that your company has an office in the Netherlands in which trading activities take place. The office's registration number of the Chamber of Commerce and the address are used for registration.

Follow these steps to register at CertiQ

  1. Complete the Traders' Registration Form (only available in Dutch). You can request the required EAN-code of 13 digits, also known as location code, via
  2. Sign the Trader Registration Form, signed by an authorized signatory as stated in the registration of the Chamber of Commerce. Attach a copy of the registrion with the Chamber of Commerce and a copy of recent personal ID of the authorized signatory. Send the completed Trader's Registration Form to the Servicedesk of CertiQ by email to
    Once the completed Trader's Registration Form is received we will process your request.
  3. You will receive our Trader's Participation Contract by email. We kindly request you to sign the Participation Contract and initial each page. Send the signed Participation Contract to the Servicedesk of CertiQ by email:

To access myCertiQ you will need eHerkenning with assurance level 2+. You can apply for an eHerkenning account via eHerkenning.

We reserve the right to cancel your registration if the required documentation has not been received within 30 days, resulting in the applicant making a new application.

More information 
If you have any questions, Please don't hesitate to contact our Servicedesk by calling (+31)(0)26 373 16 58 or send an email to