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New MyCertiQ trading module to go live on 7 June next

Over the past year, CertiQ has worked on a new application for the MyCertiQ environment.

New trading module MyCertiQ
Over the past year, CertiQ has worked on a new application for the MyCertiQ environment. The current MyCertiQ environment has become technically outdated, and new demands require modern IT solutions. CertiQ has started renewing the part of the application used by traders and end users, i.e. the trading module. On Friday 4 June at 18.00h we will start the implementation process, in order to offer you this new module from 7 June forward. The final AIB tests are in progress and when the tests pass we will continue with what has been described above. You will not have to lift a finger in this process. We will explain below: what the new trading module will look like, what it will enable you to do and how.

Look & feel overhaul
You may log on in the same way as you did before. You will immediately, however, enter the new trading module. The new setup of the module is geared towards enabling you as a trader or end user:
to quickly gain a broader insight into your (balance of) guarantees of origin by means of the dashboard; and
in the future, to automate more and more of your daily operations.
Moreover, the design of the module has been revised in such a way as to be self-explanatory, without the need for a separate manual. Even still, since the graphics have changed drastically, we have attached a one-page explanation to this newsletter detailing which activities you can perform in the new module, and where.

"Baskets" no longer exist
In the current trading module you were used to working with so-called "baskets". In these baskets, you included the certificate ranges you wanted to trade. We received feedback that this functionality did not always work very conveniently. Therefore, we have opted to no longer use baskets. Instead, we now introduce a new concept: grouping certificate ranges, or the so-called "collection". Before, you were required to make a basket if you wanted to trade. With collections, this will no longer be the case.

Further development of the trading module
On a basic level, the new trading module can do the same things the old trading module could. In some respects it can do even more, and in others unfortunately slightly less... for now. After go-live, CertiQ will work to complete the following functionalities. In the coming weeks, these functionalities will be brought live outside office hours:
•    Select & Click custom collections
Immediately from go-live, you will be able to create your own custom collections, in addition to the default "CertiQ" collection. To do so, you will at first need to use filters to select certificate ranges. With the new select & click functionality you can forego this step – simply clicking a certificate range will be enough.
•    Creating unique collections
By default, a collection is a subset of the certificate ranges in your balance. You may select for a certificate range to be shown in multiple collections at the same time. When you trade a certificate range that was included in one or more collections, it will be removed from all relevant collections. The new functionality will allow you to make custom collections that are unique: certificate ranges in a unique collection will not be shown in other collections or your balance. Doing so will secure that those certificate ranges cannot be traded in other transactions.

Depending on their respective relevance and impact, we will take up lower priority needs in subsequent releases. We usually release a new version of the MyCertiQ application every two weeks.

Message box for more secure communication
Until now, the application used to send you email updates containing specific information on your certificate balance or your contact details. This practice is increasingly at odds with legal privacy requirements. Therefore, CertiQ has decided to start working with a message box. This means that after go-live all messages addressed to you will be placed in a message box. When a new message is placed in your message box, you will receive an email to notify you. You will then have to long on to MyCertiQ to see the content of the message. This secures that the information will not leave the application, allowing us full control over security.

Account applications are now digital
In addition to the new trading module, we have digitised the application process for a new trading account. This prevents redundant data entry, while enabling you to complete your registration in one go. Following which we at CertiQ will perform some manual checks. Upon successful completion, you will receive a notification of the opening of your new trading account.

Questions on the trading module?
If after reading this newsletter and the attachment you should have a question on how to do your work using MyCertiQ, in this link you can find when and how we can be reached if you have any questions.

Onepager of the dashboard screen where what actions in the new module can be done

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