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Change level eHerkenning from July 1, 2021

EH1 expires on 1 July 2021; consequence for Producers and end users to log on to MyCertiQ.

The EH level 1 will expire nationally from 1 July. That is why CertiQ will set all services that are still available at that level to level EH2+. In concrete terms, this means that producers and end users who now log in and only have an EH1 level will have to increase it to EH2+.

After July 1, 2021, CertiQ will reduce the number of Erecognition services to 1.
Because from July all services will be at the same level and we don't expect this to change; we will create 1 new service later in the year and place all existing services there. This makes logging into MyCertiQ easier with EHerkenning. After all, there is then only 1 service to select from the company CertiQ and that way you always have the right service.

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