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CertiQ switches to iDIN identification for private producers

Update 01-04-2022:

The switch from DigiD to iDIN went live today as planned.

Thank you for your cooperation.

End of update.

CertiQ switches to iDIN identification for private producers

To remain compliant and to be able to realize system improvements, DigiD will be replaced by iDIN

You currently log in to CertiQ via DigiD, as part of the identification process. Conditions apply to the IT infrastructure of CertiQ to use DigiD. At the moment this limits our IT development possibilities. That is why a safe and simple alternative was chosen; iDIN. As of April 1, 2022, as a private producer you can only log in via iDIN.

Link your existing data


In order to minimize disruption to you during this transition, we want to link your existing data to a login with iDIN. For this it is necessary that you log in once more between 1 January and 1 April 2022 with DigiD and then with iDIN. After that, logging in with DigiD on our website changes to iDIN. Please note, CertiQ does not use or store your data, nor can it view data. This link between DigiD and iDIN is only to establish your identity in a simple way for you.

Information about iDIN

Identifying with iDIN is just as easy as paying with iDEAL. No need to remember login details or go through a tedious verification process. With iDIN you can log in to different organizations in the same way. Easy, intuitive and fast. With the trusted resources of your own bank.

You can see how iDIN works here:

We will of course keep you informed of the progress, current information can be found on our website: Home (, under the news section.


CertiQ wishes you happy holidays, a happy new year and a healthy 2022! 


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