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CertiQ improves login with EHerkenning: identification with location number expires

Currently, companies can log in to MyCertiQ with EHerkenning. In the login procedure it is possible to work with a location number that determines which location details of a customer are and are not shown. Unfortunately, for some time we have experienced that this functionality does not work satisfactorily, resulting in login problems.

Participant agreements with CertiQ are always concluded at the Chamber of Commerce of the head office, which is why CertiQ has decided to set up the login process at this level to solve the login problems.

From now on, an authorized representative/employee* who can identify himself with the Chamber of Commerce number in EHerkenning, can see the data of all branches/locations (if applicable). Therefore during the login process we ignore the information about a branch/location. A consequence of this is that an authorized representative/employee* of a company can view and change the data of all branches.

It is still possible to log in with a location number. If a company has several branches/locations, the branch can be selected after logging in via a drop-down menu screen.

With this change we solve the login problems at the expense of the fact that every logged in employee of a customer can now view and change all data from all branches.

We understand that this may be unpleasant in terms of mandate and or authorization, so we hope for your understanding to solve the login problems described.

* This also applies to an authorized intermediary (chain authorisation).

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