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Update: Trading with GSE Italian registry is available again

Trading with GSE Italy possible again
The GSE GO registry was hacked and taken offline in August.

Meanwhile, the connection to the AIB hub has been restored after several security checks. Trading with GSE is possible again.

Please note that several transfers have to be initiated both to and from Italy. We would ask you to be patient and not to start all transfers at once, but to do so gradually and possibly spread over several days so as not to cause congestion in the AIB Hub, the GSE or other registries.


This morning, it has come to our attention that our Italian member GSE’s systems have been hacked recently. The GSE GO registry is also impacted and has been taken offline.  

Ransomware group BlackCat behind Italy's GSE hacking, researchers say | Reuters

Please be advised trading activities during this period are suspended as well. 

We will keep you posted on any important developments.

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