Frequently Asked Questions

Time for an update of your data?

Time for an update of your data?

Keeping your data up to date is important in order not to miss any communication, certificates and/or any subsidy.

Below is a checklist of key points to check. We advise you to read the control questions. Under the control questions you will find information on how to go through the steps in MyCertiQ.

The control checklist:

1. Are your contact details still correct?

We use your contact details for communication and verification. Specifically for traders, checking the trader overview is important.


2. Have you selected the right trader as a producer?

For every MWh that is returned to the grid, a certificate (Guarantee of Origin) is credited to the account of the trader you have chosen. These are negotiable, contact your trader if you can make agreements about this. Contact details of the traders can be found on our website in the trader overview.


3. Do you share information with your merchant/traders?

The trader chosen by the producer receives the (Guarantee of Origin) certificates. For correct administrative processing and control, it is desirable for traders to receive the manufacturer's data in addition to the GoOs. A producer can choose to share data in MyCertiQ. You can view and change your data on the CertiQ website.


We can imagine that reporting a change is an action that you do not perform every day, so we have prepared a number of concise step-by-step plans for you. Please go to this document to see the step-by-step plans.

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