Frequently Asked Questions

Change to assurance statement system for biomass

Currently, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change is working on an amendment to the 'Regulation on guarantees of origin and certificates of origin'. In outline, the proposed amendment amounts to the following:
- For the production year 2022, producers may also issue their own declaration instead of an assurance declaration.
- This declaration concerns the amount of biomass used in the production installation in 2022.
- VertiCer is given the authority to verify whether the self-declaration issued is plausible.

Do you choose to draw up a self-declaration after the amendment of the Regulation? If so, a format for this has already been prepared. The intention is to include this format in the Regulation.

Submit your statement by 30 April at the latest

Like the assurance report, the self-declaration must be submitted to VertiCer no later than April 30 of each year, in accordance with the Regulation. Do we receive your assurance statement or self-declaration after this date? Then this has consequences for the number of Guarantees of Origin that can be issued. 

We therefore kindly request that you ensure that:
- the assurance report and reporting table are completed, approved and signed by an auditor; or
- your own statement is fully completed and signed by you; and
- a clearly legible, signed and scanned assurance report (including the table) or self-declaration, is sent by e-mail to as soon as possible, but no later than April 30, 2023.

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